Apparently the house across the street may have been broken into sometime this morning. The police officer who came over to ask us if we had seen anything suspicious told us that there was a robbery, although since I have now learned (thanks Bar.Bri – I never took Crim. Law in law school, just Crim. Pro.) that since robbery is a crime against the person (and no one was home here) and this was a crime against property, this would likely be a burglary with larceny as the felony (do you want more? because I can give you more 🙂 ). However, not being one to intentionally quibble with police officers, I let that point go. 

Now that I am done entertaining myself, which is really why I’m here writing (indeed Mr. “this was a completely pointless…………” Comment, I’m sure what I write about is completely pointless to you, but I crack me up), I do have to ask:

Was it really necessary to send FOUR police cars for this? We live in the suburbs.*

*The Madre thinks this is likely the most excitement these officers are likely to see until the weekend and they can break up high school/college parties.

Okay, so this is the big introduction post I’ve been promising. First off, why am I writing a blog? Three main reasons:  

1)  I have all these thoughts and opinions whirling around my head and you can only have the same conversation with real-life friends so many times before you gain a reputation as a crushing bore. I plan on writing about my life and what I’m thinking and doing at any given point at time, but I also want to write about things I like, from books to movies to purses to shoes to food. I want somewhere where I can go when I find a super-cute purse 75% off (True story from last week. Botkier. Love.) that I can write about it and why I love it and share it and hopefully someone out there will want to squeal with me about it (because most of my friends and the boyfriend? not the squealing types). Am I a little shallow? Certainly, but that’s part of my charm.

Even though I’m starting this blog with only a week or so left of law school, I have MANY thoughts about law school and the whole law school process which I am going to share through this blog. So this blog will be about a little bit of everything, but because of how I’ve spent the last three years and how I will be spending the foreseeable future, there will definitely be plenty law-related on here as well. 

2) I want to write. I was an English major undergrad, (I know, I know – who wasn’t? In my defense, I also majored in history -Middle East to be exact), but since then any skills I had have sadly atrophied. I need something to inspire me and also to force me to write, hopefully on a daily basis. 

3) I want a safe space where I can write about what I’m feeling in terms of my relationships with the boyfriend, my family, my friends, etc. I feel very up in the air about some things right now and I’m hoping that writing down my thoughts will help me to make sense of what I’m feeling. Or at least give me some perspective because in my head I can be a HUGE drama queen. I need to get out of my head a little. 

Now, about the blog format: Right now, for reasons primarily stated in reason 3 above, as well as the fact that I am starting a job in BigLaw in the fall (I know this may sound a little presumptuous given the state of the market, but my firm seems pretty stable so it seems like my start date is actually going to happen) and would like to be able to write things like: “OMG. Am SO tired. First Year + BigLaw=  long, crazy hours,” but would still like to keep my job, this blog is going to be pretty anonymous. Therefore, there will be no names and likely very few pictures. Which is disappointing because blogs with pictures are so much more fun to read. I’m going to play around with this and my comfort level, so we’ll see what happens. I did find a picture of the boyfriend and me that I am willing to share at this point:grenada-hike-phil-and-me-shadow

This is likely the best picture you are going to get of the boyfriend on here (he’s the one in the center). He requires veto power on any pictures I share on facebook (despite the fact that my privacy settings are pretty high) and let me say: he is just a wee bit picky. This can lead to some pretty entertaining negotiations. For example:

Me: So I want to post these pictures from our trip

the boyfriend: No to 3, 6, 8 (I look like a bear), 12 (I don’t like the way I look in a snorkeling mask), 17, 18 (no topless/bathing suit pictures! what if someone from work saw these!), 22, and 25.

Me: Okay, I’ll pull down 3, 8, 12, and 22. I don’t understand what the problem with 25 is. I think you look good in 6. And 18 is the only good picture of us together! We look so happy! And tan. 

the boyfriend: No. I’ll give you the picture of us from dinner where we’re dressed up. 

Me: No. I look stupid in that picture.

And so on. But anyway, the point is, since the boyfriend does not/will not know about the blog, I can’t get his approval of pictures. And if he knew I was putting pictures of him on the internet (particularly beach pictures!), it would not go over. Plus, he also works in BigLaw, so anonymity is the best approach for both of us. 

Also, one of my dear friends, D, upon finding out that a mutual friend has a blog, told me that she thinks blogs are masturbatory and I would hate for her to find out I succumbed. 

Oh, and the Madre teaches a privacy law class during which she basically expounds on the evils of facebook and the like and our willingness to put so much of ourselves out on the internet. So I would prefer that she never find out about this either. She already gets enough fodder for her classes from my brother and me as is (the bro has a particularly bad habit of posting pictures on facebook of him doing stupid things, like playing beer pong on my parents’ formal dining room table with his friends, even though he is friends with the madre on facebook (she is on facebook because of her class). As I pointed out to him, I’m not sure what she was more upset about: the underage drinking/party in her house or the fact that he was spilling beer all over her dining room).