So the Boyfriend is home right now for the first night in several nights. Yesterday when I was out on Long Island returning the moving truck with his parents I picked up an order of penne alla vodka and some rice balls at a place we like for him to have for dinner.

He told me when he got home that he could not engage in banal conversation with me because he just has too much on his mind. I have been reading on the couch while he ate and played around on his computer.

He just asked me if I was upset about something (I wasn’t) because I haven’t offered to do anything for him to “make his life easier.” By this, I infer that he means heat up his dinner for him, do his dishes and rub his shoulders for more than the five minutes I did (I prob. could have rubbed longer but his dinner was ready.

I am seething right now. We have groceries because I bought them yesterday. We have water because I picked it up. The apartment is clean because I cleaned it Friday night after I got home from work. We will have clean laundry tomorrow because I will do it, just like I’ve done it by myself for the last three weeks. Obviously I do these things to contribute to our life in the apartment and not to get thanked or keep score.

But seriously? I don’t think I’m a bad girlfriend because I didn’t heat his dinner up for him.


I’m going back and forth on this one people.

The Boyfriend has had a horrible, horrible week at work this week. We are talking insane levels of ridiculousness here – I don’t think he got home before 1:30 a single night this week and there were two nights where it was definitely more like 3:30. In contrast, I’ve had a pretty easy week after my craziness of the previous three weeks. So I completely understand that he is suffering and tired and miserable and I feel bad about that.

I am having a joint birthday bar gathering for myself (Happy Belated Birthday Self!) and one of my girlfriends from work (and it looks like, even though he will be working up until the start, he will make it. I told him he doesn’t have to come  because I do know he’s exhausted and needs sleep, but he said he will try and be there and I am glad about that because he invited a lot of his friends (as I like to call them, my friends-through-the-Boyfriend) and while I am quite fond of most of them, they’re not really my friends and I know most of them are really coming to see the Boyfriend and so I don’t really feel like dealing with that potential awkwardness on my own.

But anyway, despite the fact that work is crazy crazy insane, the Boyfriend is taking tomorrow morning and afternoon off (how sad is it when you have to use the phrase “taking off” in regards to a Sunday?) to move his sister. That is a story and a half in and of itself, one that will get it’s own post one of these days, but ultimately the point is that that is his number one priority.

So I have things outside of work going on these days as well, all leading up to an announcement of some VERY BIG NEWS that I hope to share at the end of next week as long as all goes well and there has been some prep work necessary. This needs to be done by tomorrow and the Boyfriend has been promising and promising he would help me with it today.

I’m sure you see where this is going.

When he got up this morning, he said it wasn’t happening because he had to work all day. And I get that, really do. And this is something I could do on my own, but really wanted his help with.

So I was a brat and was pissy this morning. I tried to explain that I was just really frustrated with the situation and he told me I was selfish. I recognize that there is some truth to that, but at the same time, it doesn’t change that I was counting on him and he knew I was counting on him and I guarantee you that even if work calls tomorrow and is like “Screw your “family thing.” Get into work ASAP” he won’t go until every last thing is complete and perfect for his sister. And I KNOW that right now work needs to come before everything else, but it just doesn’t feel quite fair.

So he called a bit ago and told me that when things are hard for him, I need to be more supportive or else it’s not fair to him and I do understand his point, but I don’t know that burying how I feel is fair to me either.

So that’s where we are right now. I’m frustrated and annoyed and not sure if I’m being a 100% unreasonable bitch or if how I feel is actually okay and valid. Clearly tonight is looking like a super-fun night. Awesome.

I thought – hey, I have a FULL day with NOTHING to do – I can finish at least one of the half finished posts I have up here in my drafts folder.



The berry started blowing up at 2:30 and I am now reviewing documents. And it is, of course, AWESOME.

Although I should say that I am reviewing said documents on my own computer while sitting on my couch while wearing my favoritest sweatpants, so it could be much less fun.

I woke up this morning to find a message on the Berry that an associate I work for had called and left a message for me at midnight last night.

Of course, my immediate thoughts were: Crap. And: Well now things are going to hit the fan (because my work load so far has been, frankly, awesome. Knock wood).

As it turned out, it was no big deal and all is good. However, I also woke up to a BBMessage from good friend and co-worker that she was just leaving work at three am.

In comparison, my life looks pretty darn awesome even with midnight phone calls hanging over my head, no?

I can spend the exact same amount on lunch in the supposedly subsidized work cafeteria and at Pret and get more and much more delicious and healthy food at Pret? Because, let us be honest, Pret is far from cheap.

Even though I just got the BlackBerry a week and a half ago, it was not holding a charge the way it should. Everyone I know who has a Berry can go days without charging, so the fact that my Berry could only go four, five hours without flashing the yellowish-green light of death and cutting off my email and internet access was not so good. Also, although I’m not doing it now and really would like to avoid doing so whenever possible, there will be times in my legal career when I am at work ten, twelve hours and a BlackBerry that doesn’t hold a charge is just not going to cut it.

So, of course, there is no way to remedy this without actually going to the Verizon store. I did call though, just to be sure, and the tech on the phone told me it was no big deal, they would just switch out the battery at the store.

And I went. They were understaffed, as always (I love that they waste one person checking people in. I can use a cell phone. I can check myself in). The tech guy I got was trying to juggle two customers at once and he was super-snotty from the start. I explained that my Berry was not holding a charge (super nicely, of course) and I got this in response:

“Well you’re syncing your email to your BlackBerry. You cannot expect it to hold a charge if you do that.”

Seriously? Because, if I’m not mistaken, syncing email is the whole f-ing point of the BlackBerry. I am not carrying this thing around for fun. I am carrying it around so I can get my work email at any time and as soon as it is sent and received.

I pointed this out to the tech guy (again, very nicely!) and we finally agreed that we’re would just try a new battery and see if that made any difference (even though he assured me it will not). Whatever. I still got my way and got my new battery.

Although the tech guy did have to have the last word: He told me that even if it wasn’t the email thing draining the battery, it was surely the fact that I have the Berry set on vibrate.

OF COURSE. Why didn’t I think of that???

I meant to tell you all. N, the boyfriend’s secretary, was let go this week. Not because of anything she did, but because they did a big staff cut. Very sad, especially for the people who were good/efficient/did their jobs well. However, that is really not the point, (seriously, people, I am not a heartless bitch, but N kind of had this coming), the point being that someone (I don’t know who) was cleaning out her desk yesterday and discovered a drawer filled with all the receipts and expense reports that she was supposed to file for her attorneys over the past three months, but apparently never felt motivated to actually, you know, deliver to Accounts Payable. And, yes, said attorneys including the boyfriend should have noticed this, but since everything is electronic now and these were relatively small amounts (2 (or 20) $5 cabs here, a lunch there), none of them noticed that the reimbursements they were supposed to be getting were never included in their paychecks. So she leaves on a high note. Godspeed N, Godspeed.